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Game News
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Kin News

Monster Play

psoderberg, Oct 24, 11 8:22 AM.
As many of you prolly have seen in kinchat, couple of us have become active playing on monster play, Is a nice break from the grind of skirming, questing, and just grinding. Recently turbine has made monster play available to free 2 play players. Unfortuneatly they did not put any limitations on it so on the creep side it has gotten a lil ridiculous. Armed and DAngerous now has a tribe on the creepside also. Add my main creep to your friends list on there, his name is KillingYew and i will send you an invite.
Also i want to add that great previous post by fourth, keep up the good work guys

Rise of Isengard is up, Armed & Dangerous will help you answer the call!

Fourthwine, Oct 1, 11 1:19 AM.
If you haven't noticed, the new expansion is live, including 3 new zones, level cap raised 65 --> 75, and a new dragon-hunting raid playable by 12 or 24.

We have kinmates blasting through it and if you need some help with other quests along the way, we're happy to help! We've been seeing easily a dozen players online at a time during most of the day, including multiple officers, so you're sure to find somebody who can help with advice, materials, or side-by-side questing if you ask nicely! =)

Be sure to speak up in [kinship] chat - tell a joke, complain about something frustrating you, or offer up any spare loot you might have for another kinmate in need.

The game's plenty fun for solo-play but hopefully Armed & Dangerous players can make it even more fun for each other with cooperation and companionship - you're not saving Middle Earth alone!

Happy Hunting!


psoderberg, Jul 13, 11 2:34 PM.
Ok everyone the time has finally come!  The 18th is the day i can buy our kinhouse, We will be having a celebration where i will craft up lots of beer and be putting a keg in the kinhouse.  After which me and a few of the officers will be decorating the new place. Also we will have sparring matchs and a possible tournament depending on attendance. Hope everyone will be there to celebrate this big step in our kinship. I have put this event on the Raid calendar so try to get signed up! 

Ventillo Server

psoderberg, Jul 11, 11 9:17 AM.
Ok everyone, we are going to go with the server that Beldyl has recommended on the forums for ventrillo.  It has great uptime and we will be all by ourselves on it. 
You can get the ventrillo client at

The connection info is:
Port:      15287
No password required

Down the line i will be purchasing us a private teamspeak 3 server if people in the kin are using the vent for voice, if no one is reallly using it then i will just either stick with this one or use voice in game for voice communications.
Message me with any questions or suggestions


Sparring Contest slated for 6/25

Fourthwine, Jun 13, 11 6:59 PM.
Sparring Contest loosely scheduled for 6/25

Be sure to visit the forums to help finalize the rules and check out what prizes are at stake!

Feel free to use the topic thread to talk trash, too!

Polish up that armor and get ready to BRING IT!
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